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Posted on May 13, 2016 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (943)

Our WillPOWERCHALLENGE returns! Starting Monday May 15th!

I can't keep calling it our 21DayWillPowerChallenge because, well, how many days we're doing it for changes for our specific current goals. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that if you click on the hashtag: #21daywillpowerchallenge, you will be connected to all my previous posts and meals and updates from all our previous challenges.

All the rules stay the same. Read below in my other blog entry about the entirety of what the 21daywillpowerchallenge is. what it is and why you're doing it is important.

OBVIOUSLY we are doing this round to cut a lot of fat, lean up,  and get all sexy and shit for Summer!

I've marked the official 1st day of Summer as June 22nd which gives us, starting the 15th, 35 days till Summer!  but who stops in the middle of the week in the middle of a month? You all will probably go through till the last weekend of June or "4th of July weekend".

Stay tuned for more updates,  but in the meantime, please go on to read my previous blog post about this Challenge and all the rules.


-YO Personal Trainer

Juices ARE sugar.

Posted on November 11, 2015 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (303)

One 8 ounce glass of Orange Juice = 24 grams of sugar... Which= 6 TEASPOONS of sugar.


1. think about wouldn't eat 4 oranges for breakfast, so why would you drink the equivilant sugar. (8oz isn't the size we usually get though is it...16oz juice =12 TEASPOONS of sugar.

2. YES, unmoderated consumption of juices are unhealthy in that you are drinking conscentrated empty calories in sugar. So know what is on your food so you can moderate your sugar intake.

3. that being said, Natural sugars from fruit will always be healthier than added, processed, refined sugars in our mass produced foods. BUT DONT DRINK THEM, EAT THEM, because when you drink a glass of juice YOU ARE NOT MODERATING your intake. When fructose is eaten through a whole orange it causes less of a problem as the fiber helps to slow down the absorption and prevents over consumption.

4. Is orange juice even fresh, real tasting orange juice? No!. Its probably at least a year old, and through its processing, stripped of ALL its flavor and then chemically re- flavored to produce a consistent trademarked' taste...think Tropicana vs Minute Maid flavors.


Know what is going into your body!! Dont blindly consume empty sugar calories...because that's what's made you fat.

-Yo Personal Trainer



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