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7. 21DWPC [4hour] In-Home Consult/kitchen purge/grocery trip/basic cooking &meal prep


This is the most comprehensive 21Day Will Power Challenge [RESET] Package. 


This is all In-Person consultation.  Includes:

1 hour:  


Body Fat% check

Body composition measurements, 

Goals overview. Figuring out Basal Metabolic Rate, and daily calorie intake goal. This may take a 24 hour heart rate monitoring before the next 3 hours can happen.

Comprehensive explaination of 21DWPC 

3 Hours:


  • Kitchen Purge. Getting rid of ALL the bad stuff, either to donate or throw away.
  • Creating a shopping list of basics.
  • Taking a trip to the grocery store to guide you on your shopping trips.**
  • Basic cooking and meal prep instructions. (Yes I will actually cook with you) You can ask to opt out of this basic cooking step either due to time restricions or your professional cooking skills, but I will determine whether you have a full understanding of what you need to do.

**Make sure you have the budget to make this trip to the grocery store for meal prep.

I will change your life.

Note: The State of MA taxes services at a 6.25% rate, this will show at purchase. I have other options to pay, less the tax--contact me directly.

do you own a heart rate monitor that can monitor without interruption for 24 hours?

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