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Bootcamp is no longer a workout class, it's a FITNESS EXPERIENCE!

Be prepared for a 2- 2.5 hour fitness excursion!

Broken down:

[ Run Times dependant on your fitness levels/comfort ]

10 minute Introduction & Expectations Orientation

10 Minute Warm-up/Dynamic Stretch

20 Minute 1 Mile run/jog/traverse across rock Jetty

10 MIn 1/2 mile sand dune run

35 Minute Bootcamp style beach workout

30 minute 3.3mile beach/dune run and return to start. 

5 minute Stretch.

You need:

  • good running shoes with decent grip tread
  • you can choose to bring backpacks or camelbaks.....

but do not carry water bottles or anything in your hands....you will need those hands if you accidentally slip.

Provided: Waters/Gatoraides at the beach bootcamp halfway point, Sunscreen, Ocean, Landscape Scenery, Challenge, & kick-ass Motivation, waters/Gatoraides and fruit at finish.

Note: Mass Tax on services is 6.25%, skip the tax and contact me directly to register.

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