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~ An evolved way of LIVING & Experiencing your fitness ~

Your fitness is no longer just getting through a class, or lifting weights, it now needs to evolve and FITNESS TREK is going to PUT. YOU. THROUGH... a Fitness Experience!

Get outside, you're in a beach town! Experience PTown to it's fullest, all while getting shredded up! And YES, we'll be hitting those biceps/triceps/shoulders/chests/butts and show off later.


FITNESS TREK is a 3.5 mile bootcamp beach excursion.

You will burn more fat for energy than you EVER have working out!

This is an Intermediate to Advanced fitness experience!

This is NOT for beginners to exercise.

TREK gets you outside for a challenging workout that will demand so much more from your body than you know what to ask of it.

Every single muscle in your body will be used to get through this challenge:

  • 1: Running/Jogging/traversing the 1 mile long Breakwater jetty off of Pilgrim's Landing/Ptown Inn
  • 2: Running .5 mile to Wood End Lighthouse & Beach
  • 3: Where a 1 hour Beach & Sand workout will commence. Utilizing Sandbags, Ropes, TRX bands, and of course sand.
  • 4: 1.8 mile Beach run around to the dunes and marsh where we will cross to reach Route 6A/Province Lands Rd.
  • 5: Finish with a .5 mile run back to our starting point.
  • 6: Quick stretch at the end, and finish with a cold beer/Gatorades/ waters, and fruit 

Find us on Facebook, click on our 'Events' to getup to the minute details and time details and new days being added!

Start times are dependant on High Tides(HT) :

MONDAY July 3rd HT is @8:03AM--TREK start time is currently @ 9:30AM...returning approximately around 11:30

THURSDAY July 6th, HT is @10:39AM---TREK start time is currently @9:30AM returning approx around 11:30am.

Registration is REQUIRED to have up to the minute details/changes.

What's next

for you when you've ran all the miles you want to run and lifted all the dumbbells your biceps can handle (no such thing btw), or you've squatted ALL. OF. THE. SQUATS?

What do you do with your conditioned body?

What do you do next to maintain your interest and end that perpetual cycle of "just working for that next, long weekend holiday or vacation beach body"?

What use is that body if you aren't going to actually use it?

You CAN have more substance in your fitness, more purpose with your physical body. Those pretty muscles are great, maybe for getting laid, but is that all you're going to use it for? The jokes in that answer are abound, but in reality think about it, do you do it for you?

Live your fitness. Enjoy your fitness. Do it for you, do it to feel healthy, do it to feel fit and athletic. A healthy, mobile, agile body will be there for you 100% more than a one night stand.

Living in Action becomes more than an Idea:

With 14 years of experience as a Master Personal Trainer, Yovanny has gained expertise in all aspects of physical training. Training one-on-one clients to achieve their personal goals, such as running marathons, triathlons, Iron Mans, FBI Special Agent PFTs, Police Academy, Army APFTs and many more client achievements. The 90-Minute Bootcamp he has owned and operated for the last 7 years has won "Best of Boston" 3 times in the 'Boston A-List'. (Leading Bootcamps as large as 70 people, Yovanny has proven that no matter the size of the Bootcamp, he can "put you through the ropes".) And the idea of "Move your body, live Yo life" becomes reality.

Leading by Doing

Yovanny is right there alongside you doing the bootcamp. He knows how hard he's freakin pushing you, and how much you might hate him...because he's done it and doing it alongside you!

His previous experience Captaining: 2 Spartan Races and 3 Tough Mudder teams of 50+ people, inspired the idea and realization of Fitness TREK many years before 2017. Adaptability to one's environment is key to being able to lead a successful Fitness Experience: Taking his teams out for preparation trainings for these adventure races through 4 feet of snow, rocks, mountains, mud, water, sand, etc has given Yovanny every bit of expertise it takes to understand what his people can handle and how to safely go about doing these challenges. Safety and a strong body must come first to prevent injuries.

Benefits of Sand Workouts

Here are some reasons why our FITNESS TREK Beach Workout will benefit your well oiled machine of a body:

  • Strengthens your lower body. Running in the sand can strengthen your ankles, toes and other muscles below the knee in ways that running on flat surface does not. The added resistance of the sand pushes your muscles harder and forces them to work much harder than they are used to.
  • Strengthens stabilizer muscles. As a runner, your stabilizer muscles are worked the least, but with the sand steadily shifting under your feet, these small stabilizer muscles are put to work because you need to engage them to keep balance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • More challenging. You can do plenty of bodyweight exercises on the sand, but the resistance of the sands will make these exercises more challenging than usual. So if you are looking to up the ante with your strength workouts in a new and creative way, embrace the sands.
  • Accelerated fat burn. being more challenging and in constant motion on the sand will require your body to search for energy anywhere and everywhere meaning your body will access those fat storages quicker!
  • Improve speed and agility. If you are looking to run faster and improve your explosive power, then the sand can help. Sand provides you with the extra resistance you need to challenge your muscles in ways they are not used to, which can help you run faster and become more explosive on your feet.
  • Say Hello to the beach! You are in a beach town, utilize it for it's beaches! This workout is perfect and will help you break away from the monotony of a overrun, overpacked gym, still get you shredded, and improve your mood from spending time in the sun.
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