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21 Day Will Power Challenge

Philosophy behind 21DWPC

After 13 years as a Master Trainer, All my clients, and anyone who knows me, knows that I do not believe in cold-turkey dieting. I always teach "anything in moderation" "work hard to eat hard" "earn your calories, burn your calories."


But what happens when you start seeing yourself take these methods to nutrition a little too relaxed and one cheat meal becomes 2,3,4,5…and you haven't caught up with your exercise and calorie expenditure/burn. The calories start adding up and what was a 400 calorie snack has now krept up to 40,000 extra calories you haven't burned off? (Which btw is about 11-12lbs-3500kcal= 1lbs)


Psychologically, sometimes we then give up on our "Earn our calories, burn our calories" philosophy. We then do what we can to catch up and if we don't, well, we chalk it up to 'Living Life'.

All of a sudden 'Living Life' has gripped you and swallowed you whole and has you walking around and feeling the heaviest you've ever been in your life. or at least unable to make changes to your body you desire.

Sometimes you need to give your mind, your bad habits, your body, a super charged jolt of reality--A SUPER CHARGED JOLT OF 'NO'.


I am challenging you, for 3 weeks of 'NO'. Just 21 days, to eliminate cold turkey, all these things that add unnecessary calories into your bodies.


Please go to the Registration tab to learn more about your options in losing body fat, body weight, food addictions, and resetting your nutrition lifestyle.

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