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Don't torture yourself on the 21DWPC

So i was challenged by one of my clients to go to #McDonalds and get breakfast that fell within the parameters of our #21DayWillpowerchallenge....after i told him you can find the proper foods anywhere you go out to eat.....

My Analysis: JUST DON'T

Of all their breakfast menu items, their "round eggs" and bacon and black coffee are the only things you can have. You could order the sausage or ham as well as alternatives. And apple slices to boot!

They clearly have a sign posted saying they cook everything with dairy/milk and butter. So i had to request these eggs be cooked on vegetable oil not butter. Even their scrambled eggs had milk in them, so that scratched having their breakfast burritos (as wraps are allowed on this first challenge)

4 eggs two slices of bacon and a black coffee = $7.54 = not worth the trouble nor worth testing your resolve and commitment to this challenge.

With the time spent waiting in line, ordering, and waiting for your food, you could've had a much more appealing breakfast at home for around a dollar.

#yofityolife #personaltrainer #coach #icangetyouthere


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