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NUTRITION RESET Holiday Edition | 21DayWillPowerChallenge

Ok So how bloated/fat/gross and out of control do you feel after this Thanksgiving weekend??!

I'm right there with you!

So Here we start our next Challenge! If you have done the 21DayWillPowerChallenge before, besides some changes on how you go about it around the Holiday parties, it's the same exact as before. Same rules apply with the NO's to eliminate and what you "allowed" foods are.

So I don't waste everyone's time I won't post the philosophy and principles behind this challenge, you can just go to my website: and read it on your own. You can find it under the "Y0's Blog" Tab.

I highly recommend you all go and do that now just to freshen up on WHY you are doing this challenge. This isn't a get in shape quick and then get fat quicker diet plan. This is to help you break bad habits, form good ones and create a new healthy eating lifestyle beyond these challenges. Some of the rules I have about this are more to play on your psychology around food and what you do to yourselves day in and day out. This is to fix your bad eating habits and be a healthier, happier you. The Weight and fat loss are just bonus.

THE ADD-ONS for The Holiday Season Challenge: 7ish commandments:

~~1. We are going for 28 days. Not 21 days. I will keep the hashtag #21DayWillPowerChallenge and #NutritionReset on Facebook and Instagram, just so you can click on it and be connected to all my posts from the past challenges that include tips and meals and motivation. Check that hashtag out, see how it works, click on it. It's a novel trick.

~~2. Weigh-in. Get your body fat % measured. Take before and after pics. If you would like I can measure your Body Fat % quickly with the electric hand held monitor at the gym. Or your gym should have this tool if you ask. If you're one of my PT clients, we will do the skin fold calipers this week.

~~3. You are allowed ONE CHEAT MEAL per weekend. this is not a "cheat DAY". This is not a open door to stuff yourself silly with the shit we are trying to eliminate. Moderation! This is keeping a realistic view of what December is. It is The holiday party month. This is so you can plan for your weekend and have your Holiday dinners or desserts on one day/ meal/ party a week. Thats realistic and reasonable. You can still have your cookie party, and your eggnog, and mom's best dessert, and granny's gingerbread cookies. You can still go to every single one of your parties but you can only eat any "NO's" at one. More power to you if you can do without the Cheat meal.

~~4. You have to earn this "cheat meal" by doing these set of exercises EVERY DAY. I will change the exercise challenge for variety or you can do the same challenge all 30 days. This is ON TOP of what you already do at the gym and for your workouts. So if you can't get to the gym, you still have to do these at home!

the first list of exercises you have to do EVERY DAY are:

X200 jumping jacks

x200 Bodyweight Squats

x50 Pushups

x80 Situps/crunches or any ab exercise you can think of

X4 minute plank


**You can break these up into how ever many sets/reps you want in a 24 hr period. example: 200 squats= 50 squats 4 x a day

**If you need to make modifications to these exercises due to injuries or ailments please let me know so I can help you figure out what to do instead.

That's it.

5. We technically start Tuesday December 4th and go to December 31st. Considering that I love to spring these things last minute on you, you can start on the 5th and go to the 31st. Actually you can start whenever you damn well please and just go till the end of the month. Just do it.


7. CONNECT to us all…..USE THE HASHTAG #21DayWillPowerChallenge, #NutrtionReset

or #yofityolife, or #ifYOcanican, or #DoasYOsays or #YOmademedoit or #FMLYO

-Yo Personal Trainer


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