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Client Testimonials!


I was Yo's first ever personal training client 14 years ago! From day one I was confident in his abilities, and loved his personality. He knew how to work with me, how to adapt on the fly when one of my many old aches or pains kicked in, and how to push me harder than I knew how to push myself. He also kept it from ever getting boring and somehow through it all he still kept me smiling. I was 45 and probably in the best shape I'd ever been in when I moved away from Boston and I (and my muscles) have missed Yo ever since!

-Christine K.

-Profession: Finance

-Age: 50

I started taking Yovanny's bootcamp in 2013. When I started, I was really intimidated by weight training and I didn't know what I was doing. He sets things up in a way that I found really approachable, and he's great at demonstrating new moves. I learned a lot from him, got more comfortable working strength training into my regular routine, and kept taking his classes. Nearly 4 years later, I'm a lot stronger, a lot more confident, and the shape of my body has changed. Without Yovanny's expertise, I'm not sure I would have learned to love lifting heavy things and challenging myself so much!


-Profession: Non Profit

-Age: 26

Hi Yo! We're still out in the South Pacific at Taha'a Island on our honeymoon!

BTW - you have to tell the nonbelievers that NONE of my shorts fit me! I started the 21 day challenge after packing away my summer clothes and didn't even think to try them on before leaving for our honeymoon. I started literally 22 days before my wedding and quickly shed the fat you said i'd shed! I'd say I've lost an inch to 1.5 inches off my waist. Eating lots of fresh fish here. Over one month later and I'm loving the way I've refocused my eating habits - and how easy it is to make choices now that cravings are gone. Thanks again brother - and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

-Bryan M

-Profession: Finance

-Age 37

I’ve worked with Yo since 2012–in his boxing and total body conditioning (weights) classes and bootcamps! I am in better shape now than I was in my early 20s. He is super encouraging, even when I’m not feeling motivated. He gives his clients personalized attention that is super helpful. A lot of people seem intimidated by his 90 minute bootcamps—and they are challenging—but he modifies the activities to meet each client’s needs while pushing each person to improve. He is extremely approachable and knowledgeable and has been an important part of my fitness journey. Even though I’ve moved on from BSC where I originally met him, I continue to attend his bootcamps and you should too!

-Diana H

-Profession: Healthcare

Age: 39

I attended Yovanny's boot camps for just over a year while training for my first half marathon. Thanks to his upbeat attitude, amazing programing, and electric atmosphere I pushed myself harder and always felt like I received a great workout. Yovanny is passioniate about his field and as a PT, I love to see efficient, cohesive programing that trains in all planes of movement. Thanks, Yo! I look forward to training with you again when I come downtown!

-Martha A.

-Profession: Physical Therapist

-Age: 32

Yo is awesome! His bootcamps are always challenging yet fun. He’s very attentive, quick to help you improve your form and push you to go your hardest. He does a great job of customizing the workout for various ability levels. The music is great, and he always greets you with a smile. His beach bootcamps ARE the best!

-David S.

-Profession: Banking

-Age: 40

My addiction to bootcamps brought me to Yovanny's outdoor bootcamps in Mission Hill. It was totally out of my way on Saturday mornings, but I tried it out with a friend. I had worked with a few of the top bootcamp trainers in Boston for many years but Yovanny had a way to serve it up fresh with more upper body and weight training intervals which shook up my routine. Since then, he remains a weekend staple that i look forward to. There is nothing better than outdoor workouts even as my body goes through some changes and maintaining the high intensity is not as easy as it once was. Yovanny sticks with me and encourages me.

-Chris M.

-Age: 51

Hi, I would consider myself inspired after seeing my friend's progress. I was looking to become a committed student of Yovanny's nutrition and physical training! I did go to the gym 3-4 days a week, lift and cardio, but I knew that was never going to be enough for the goals I wanted. I needed the whole package (education on eating and such). Yovanny helped me in getting started and explore my options based on my schedule and wants and needs. Thanks so much for your help and tutalage! You were right Yo, 4 sessions was all I needed to get myself on the right track and 2 months later, it's become so easy and a lifestyle for me. I appreciated that you took the time and care to measure my entire body from body fat, and head to toe with circumference measurements so we could keep track of any changes my body went through (or didn't if I wasn't doing the work) I look forward to our monthly sessions and showing you my progress!! I can't wait to show you my two abs that finally popped out!!!

-Jesse K.

-Profession: Nurse

-Age: 28

Hello Yovanny! I am on the editorial team of the Boston Voyager Magazine. We write about the hidden gems of Boston and the surrounding areas - from the best restaurants to the best gyms, salons, photographers etc. We're working on a series of articles featuring interviews with Boston’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and independent businesses and we'd like to feature you. We'll need to interview either the owner/founder or one of the key team members. Please let me know if you are interested in being featured. I'll try to send you a separate email as well. Thanks, Grace.

-Grace S

-Profession: Media


I'm proud to say I attended Yovanny's first bootcamp close to 10 years ago. I was hooked since day one. His exercises are always challenging. They are also things I wouldn't think of doing on my own (did I really do a handstand against the wall?). Right when you think you can't do another rep he switches you over to another demanding exorcise that focuses on other muscle groups. You'll find yourself saying, "Yes! Time for Planks" just so you can give your legs a rest. Yovanny pushes you to do more than you'd ever push yourself and he does it in a fun, respectful manner. But the guy can certainly take you out of your exercise routine comfort Zone so be ready. My first postpartum bootcamp (12 weeks after having my first baby) he had me run a 5K! And that was just for the warm up!! If you want to improve yourself both mentally and physically, take Yo's bootcamp! class! They are also just really fun.

-Megan P

-Profession: Human Resources

-Age: 45

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